Gold Grills by Refinement Co. is regularly featured in major hip-hop and mainstream media. Started in 2014 by our former owner, he sold the brand to us, but grillz brand Refinement Co has continued to flourish. The gold bottom grill phenomenon has continued to grow, too.

StupidDope writer Darren Griffon explained why in a 2014 story:

"Everyone is wearing them and just about as many people are making them. And like any market, some rise above the rest. Refinement Co. is among the best and making the previously high dollar item affordable for the masses."

The epiphany stuck the former owner while he was out at a nightclub in New York City with friends. Forbes contributor J.J. Colao detailed how:

"[He wasn't] fashionable. But his friends [were]. So when they wore gold-plated "grills,"—basically mock dentures worn as jewelry in the hip-hop world—to a Flosstradamus concert in New York last December, he paid attention."

Throughout the night he noticed something: other club goes simply would not stop asking about them. At the end of the night, while others were in a scramble to get phone numbers and last-minute drinks, he was busy talking to folks about his buddy's grills. 

The consensus was clear: everyone wanted grills, but nobody could afford the high priced custom grills favored by the rich and famous. 

At the same time, they didn't trust the quality of cheap grills either. They wanted good quality but didn't want to go broke for it. They wanted that perfect middle ground. The best grillz.

Before long his first product was released: the now ubiquitous, world-famous gold bottom grill. A media firestorm ensued and, as they say, the rest is history. Refinement Co. is proud to be the world leader in affordable gold grills and other grills for teeth, having shipped tens of thousands of gold grills all across the globe since 2014.

Featured everywhere from Forbes and Inc. to XXL, The Source, Hypebeast, Complex and others, shop our #1 best selling grills with fast, free shipping and easy returns. Although we started with just a simple gold bottom grill, we now offer premium quality hollow grills, drip grills, fang grills, vampire grills, gold tooth caps, gold grills and other grills.

The Source magazine did an interview with him on Refinement back in 2014.

Bryan Hahn, former contributor to the magazine asked him: "Why do you think athletes and celebrities are drawn to your grills over the high end options?" His response encapsulates what's made Gold Grills by Refinement so successful.

"The same reason non-celebrities love our grills. No trips to the dentist. No time consuming molds being shipped back and forth. It’s just so easy. For just a few bucks you get a beautiful piece of jewelry and a simple mold that takes 30 seconds to do yourself."

However, it's not all the love the media has shown us that makes us proud. Since 2014, Gold Grills by Refinement Co. has shipped tens of thousands of grills to customers from all over the world. Customers that now look 10x flyer thanks to our grills for teeth. That's what makes us proud! Take a look at just a few of them below.

gold grills customer six

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